5 Tips to Win Keno Game in Online Casinos – What Are They?

Keno Game

Keno is a casino game that has a resemblance to a lottery where you must choose numbers. If your numbers are drawn during the gameplay, the higher the probability of getting wins. This casino game has simple rules however winning is not that easy to come by. All its players must rely on luck to successfully be a winner in this casino game. There are people who lose while playing a keno game, while some do win. It all depends on your fate if you are going to win this time around. However, if not, there are still some great tips that you can use to improve your overall winning chances. In this short guide, we are going to expose five of them so you can at any time.

Therefore, if you are now curious about what they are, we advise you to keep on reading until the end.

Top 5 Winning Tips That Keno Players Can Use

Here are the best five tips that you can depend on to increase the probability of winning.

1. Choose A Keno Variant with High RTP

Many of you do not know that there are keno variants that are available to play in casinos. In fact, keno games are available in both online and land-based casinos. However, in terms of payouts, these two types are not the same. This means it is better that you are fully aware of which keno version will provide you with the best profits if you win this casino game. In that, you would have a better chance to win great prizes. Never settle for less, if you can choose a keno game variant that would give you better wins.

2. Discover Keno Numbers with High Winning Probabilities

It is now the right time to become more familiar with how keno numbers ranging from 1 to 20 perform in terms of winning probabilities. There are online references that you can look up to have a better understanding of what probabilities of numbers 1 to 20. Looking through the odds of these numbers, you will absolutely know which number can give a better edge on keno. The higher the winning odds, the better the numbers would occur or be drawn in the keno games. Therefore, it is wiser that you become aware of the winning odds of these numbers or the likelihood of them occurring.

3. Keep your Number Choices Between Four and Eight Only

This number range just shows that it is the ideal strategy to play keno games. Your odds of winning will be changed as more or less the numbers you choose. In short, the likelihood of your numbers being drawn in keno will decrease dramatically. Therefore, it is better to keep your number choices in the range of four up to eight only. This keno strategy is the perfect way to balance everything out in terms of number choices. Do not worry, if you play keno, you will understand what we are pointing out here in this game tip.

4. Do Not Change Your Keno Numbers A Lot

We include this tip in playing the keno game because changing your chosen numbers is not practical. Given that keno is a casino game that depends on luck and its results are purely random. In case you change your keno numbers in every play, there is no advantage in doing so. If you do this, you will be at a disadvantage once you choose other numbers when your best numbers were drawn. As a result, you only lose by changing your ultimate numbers in Keno a lot. It is preferable that you stick with your best numbers until the time has come that they are drawn and give you wins.

5. Use The Hot or Cold Numbers Strategy

In keno games, there are methods for choosing numbers and one of them is hot or cold numbers. If we focus on hot numbers, these are numbers that have been drawn most of the time in the previous games. The idea behind the hot numbers is they have a higher chance of occurring again. When we say cold numbers, these numbers happen not to be drawn for the previous games. The idea behind the cold numbers is that in time will occur sooner than expected. These are the two types of numbers that keno players rely on when choosing numbers.


Keno is a fascinating casino game and many players do enjoy the unpredictability it gives. Since no one knows if your keno numbers will come up or not during the draw. Despite the unpredictability it has, we cannot deny the charm it delivers to its players. Still, it is not easy to win this casino game. Hopefully, with all the tips here, you get some insights on how to play well the keno game in the casinos.

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