A Brief Guide to Bonus Abuse – What Is It?

Bonus Abuse

Marketing promotion of online casinos such as bonuses is a typical way to entice players to gamble for more. However, despite its clear and simple objective, there is still a bonus abuse that is happening. It only shows that the online gambling industry is also prone to cheaters and fraudsters who trick online casinos in unacceptable ways. One of their ways is to abuse the bonuses that online casinos do offer in the marketplace.

Apparently, not everyone is aware of what is bonus abuse all about. That is fine, as we discuss how it happens and inform you on what you should not do in case you get a bonus in online casinos. Therefore, let us all know what bonus abuse in this blog post is. Below are some of the guidelines that you must be aware of as a bonus user.

What Is a Bonus Abuse?

Bonus abuse has a broad explanation of what it is all about. However, let us focus on its main idea. Basically, bonus abuse happens when its users adopt inappropriate means to get an unfair advantage over the casinos. In short, bonus abusers or cheaters break the casino’s policies regarding the proper use of the bonuses. All for the sake of getting more money at online casinos. However, abusing bonuses is not a good act in the eyes of online casinos. If the gambling platform finds out what you are doing against their bonus policies.

Expect there are some ground penalties that you may shoulder along the way. Casinos do not like they are being cheated on, especially with their bonuses. We advise that you do not commit any foolish things that can ruin your casino account. Since doing bonus abuse is never a good idea from the beginning. Just use the bonus in the right means and you would not be having a problem with the online casino platform at all.

How Bonus Abuse Works?

The bonuses are a great marketing strategy to draw the attention of any potential casino players. It really does work its wonder for many casino platforms to have many more players. Therefore, we can see to it that receiving bonuses on gambling platforms is also an open door for cheaters or fraudsters to emerge. Once the gambler claims and receives the bonus they wanted to have from online casinos.

At one point or another, if their intention is not pure when it comes to claiming the bonus. It can be the start of the bonus abuse from that casino player. Therefore, if the bonus user has suspicious plans on how to use the bonus, it will be considered cheating. In short, once a bonus is not used in accordance with its terms and conditions, it is a red flag already for a casino platform. Above all that is how the bonus abuse develops and starts to push through in the casinos.

Some Forms of Bonus Abuse

There are different forms of bonus abuse in the world of online casinos. However, in the following details, we will be focusing on the common ones. Here are some forms of bonus abuse that you must know and avoid at any time. If you are curious about knowing some of them, keep on reading!

Having Multiple Casino Accounts

Opening multiple accounts to get many bonuses is not allowable in online casino policies. The bonus itself is only given to one player per household and cannot be shared in many accounts. Since a bonus is restricted to one person only. It is not advisable that you create different casino accounts just to claim the same bonuses to gain a fraudulent advantage. By chance, you do this, and the casino caught you doing that. Expect that there are consequences according to the casino rules that will bestow on you.

Getting Multiple Bonuses

There are instances where casino servers did not prevent a player from getting the same bonus. As a result, some cheaters take that advantage and claim not once but many more the bonus they already received. It may seem an open way to have multiple bonuses on your casino account. However, once the gambling platforms detect what you have done, there are serious penalties that may come along the way. Never do that and only follow what is the rightful way. This way, you will never have to deal with the backlash of what you have done.

Maximum Betting Limits Are Unfollowed

Players have done this bonus abuse unknowingly when betting. Therefore, it is advisable that you make sure you know the maximum betting limits before using any casino bonus. This is to prevent the gambling platforms from punishing you afterward. Do not let yourself be uninformed of what betting limits are, most especially casino bonuses. This way, you would not be violating the bonus terms and conditions upon using it.


Bonus abuse is now commonly spreading to online casinos. No single casino does not experience this if you would ask us. It is important that you avoid any suspicious usage of any casino bonuses to avoid possible fines. No casino players would want to experience that in any way. Therefore, make sure you understand very well how to use the bonus itself and the conditions attached to this casino promotion.

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