A Full Guide on How Double Chance Bet Works

Double Chance Bet

Are you a newbie sports bettor? If yes, maybe you already have heard the term double chance bet in sports betting. The question is, how does it operate as a sports betting method? Since there are different ways now on how to bet on sports nowadays. What makes it unique in the wide variety of betting strategies? That is exactly what we are going to unveil to our loyal readers in this blog. We are going to answer some of the common queries you have in mind.

So let me explain to you a little bit further how to use the double chance bet in sports betting. Don’t worry, we will guide you all the way to the end and let you understand how to execute double chance bet. So, stay with us and keep on reading this post as we will expose what double chat bet is all about right now. So, let us get ahead of this subject and explain to you the details.

Double Chance Bet Explained

From what it is called, which is a double chance bet. You may already have an idea of what this sports betting method is all about. However, to give your more specific explanation of it. We will go over it now at this very moment. The double chance bet is taking chances by betting on two potential outcomes of a sporting event. However, the only requirement is that there should be a minimum of three distinct outcomes for the sporting event you intend to bet on.

Which is the following: loss, tie, and win. You must bet at the minimum and maximum of two of those three possible outcomes. As the name implies, double chance bets do not require any additional wagers. This type of betting strategy only requires two bets out of every three. As a result, in this double chance bet, you have double the chances of winning if both of your bets win.

How Does Double Chance Bet Work?

The double chance bet works when you combine two potential outcomes of a sporting event into a single bet. In other words, this sports betting strategy does a great job of lowering risks while raising the likelihood of winning from a single game.

For more detailed information about how the double chance bet works. Will be explaining below the categories of double chance bets, which fall into three different outcomes. That means you can choose from one of the following options:

  • 1X Bet (Home Team and Draw)

This wager presumes that the home team will win or that the game will end in a tie. When the visiting team wins the sporting event, you lose the wager.

  • X2 Bet (Away Team and Draw)

This wager suggests that the visiting team will not lose. Therefore, you can wager on the away team to win or a tie. But you would lose if the home team triumphed.

  • 12 Bet (Home team and Away Team)

When you are certain that one of the teams will win, you would place this wager. If the sports contest is tied, you will lose the bet.

With each of these bets, you have already covered two potential outcomes, as you can see from these betting categories.  In other words, there are two outcomes for a single wager. To succeed, the bettor must correctly predict two out of three outcomes.

Example of Double Chance Bet

In order for you to fully understand how to place bets for the double chance bet strategy, we will now provide examples of the three different categories of double chance bets. For your reference, read the examples provided below. Let us say we are betting on a Football League between Baltimore and Cleveland with a fixed bet amount of $100.

  • Example of 1X Bet (Home Team and Draw)

When Baltimore, the home team, prevails or the score is tied, you win the bet. The 1X wager has odds of 1.25. Once you win, you will receive a return profit of $125 ($100×1.25).

  • Example of X2 Bet (Away Team and Draw)

You lose the bet if Baltimore, the home team, prevails. However, you will win if Cleveland, the visiting team, wins or if the score is a tie. The odds on the X2 wager are 1.45. Consequently, you will get a return profit of $145 ($100×1.45).

  • Example of 12 Bet (Home team and Away Team)

In here you will win if when the home team, Baltimore or Cleveland, the visiting team wins. You would lose if the score remained tied. Here, the odds are 1.17. You will therefore receive a return profit of $117 ($100×1.17).

That is basically the entire concept of double chance bets in these given examples above.

Great Sides of Double Chance Bets

We can see that placing a single wager on two possible outcomes of a sporting event gives the bettor the chance to win more. Given that you are hitting two outcomes, using this betting strategy increases your chances of winning. However, to make the most of this double chance bet, you must correctly predict the two outcomes. Anyhow, this is a fantastic way to wager on a game like a football. If you are wondering whether this betting strategy is worthwhile, then it can be as long as you know how to use it properly.


The double chance bet is distinct from the standard form of sports betting. However, since you are placing a single wager on two possible outcomes, it can be a great way to increase your chances of winning. Therefore, if you are looking for a different way to bet on football or other applicable sports, you should consider it. So, you can then place a double chance betting.

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