A Must-Know List of The Most Common Online Slot Features

Online Slot Features

From enticing themes to exciting features, you cannot go wrong about not playing online slots. The online slot features will make playing more fun at the same time winnable. Who would not play a slot game in online casinos if every play there are amazing features that can appear? But what are the following features that may be part of the online slots? That is exactly what we will give highlights in this particular post.

We all know that despite the information available on the net, there are still you that are unaware of it. Because of it, we will be going to discover some of the common ones and let you know them. So, let us begin identifying one by one of them and be aware of their purpose. Now off to the main subject which is the common features of the online slot game.

What Is the Short Definition of Slot Features?

To give you a short definition of slot features, it is basically an added feature of the slot to increase the payout means of the game. In short, is one of the slot components that makes it more appealing to the possible online slot player. It gives an additional reason why online slots should be playable on gambling platforms. Of course, aside from the main prize of the game. The online slot features help to boost the winning chances. That alone creates a motivating force for anybody to play online slot games.

A list of Some of The Most Common Features of Online Slots

Perhaps you are already wondering now about the common features of online slots. Do not worry, because, in this specific section, we will be discussing some of them right away. The following are the current ones that a must to know:

Slot Paylines

The paylines are one of the most useful and essential features of any slot game, including the online version of it. The paylines are where the winning symbols will need to land to create a match-up. The more online slot game has it, the greater the possibility of getting more wins. Hitting more matching symbols in the game means landing more wins. The good thing is it can come from fixed paylines or variable paylines that any slot player can take advantage of to get more winning combinations. Without these paylines, the slot will not deliver playing results to any slot games.

Slot Multipliers

The multiplier is one of the amazing ways to create more wins in the game of slot. It randomly appears on the game reels especially when a slot game happens to form a winning combination. Once it happens, the winnings are multiplied several times depending on the value of the slot multiplier. No wonder this is one of the online slot features that are truly awaited by players of this game. Since it highly increases the value of the slot player wins when they meet the multiplier symbol while playing.

Slot Free Spins

Free spins will appear in the online slot game as a feature once activated for several reasons including a scatter symbol. If you get 3 scatters in the game, the ordinary way to reward you is with free spins. As a result, the slot will automatically provide you with this feature and will normally give you wins if you get great results using the free spins. In that case, this is one of the common online slot features that can give you more spins for free. While literally showering you with more wins by just using them in the slot game.  

Slot Progressive Jackpots and Slot Jackpot

This is one of the online slot features that do not have an ordinary jackpot prize because it is progressive. Therefore, for a progressive slot, the jackpot prize increases every time the player bets on this specific slot game. It happens when the progressive slot game gets a portion of every player’s stake to add up to the overall jackpot prize. So, it will grow until then and only will stop doing so if it has been awarded to the progressive slot game-winner.

While the slot jackpot on the other hand, already has a set amount of total prize that has been waiting to be won by a lucky slot player. In short, the slot jackpot is already fixed for the typical online slot game. It will not change its prize money for anyone, unlike the progressive slot games that increase.

Slot AutoPlay

Autoplay is not one of the ordinary online slot features, because this time you will activate it. Once you decide to take this way of playing online slots. Then you must press the auto-play button on the game to allow the reels to spin. If you want to stop the spinning, then you just must stop it by clicking the button again. This feature of online slot games allows the players to just observe the constant spinning of the game until they win.


There are different forms of online slot features that a player of this game can encounter during their playing. But in this post, we just highlight some of the common and not ordinary features of an online slot game. So, we hope when you play a slot game on the online gambling platform, you will already understand their use, purpose, and advantage to you as a slot player. To end this, we wish you all the luck when playing any slot game in the near time.

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