All About Double Down in The Game of Blackjack

Double Down

Many of you perhaps come across the phrase “double down” while finding information about the game of blackjack. However, not all of you understand how it works and seem not to know its purpose. For those who are unaware, this kind of betting strategy in blackjack is not the safest move to take but it can increase your potential winnings. Still, with its advantage, many blackjack players are still sleeping on this tactic. We cannot blame them since you need to know when to properly execute this strategy to reap its full benefits.  For you to apply it, you must understand its functionality to grasp its full usefulness.

If you are looking for a complete guide to teach you everything about double-down strategy, do take time to read this post.  The next information will guide you toward learning this blackjack strategy, so continue checking this brief guide.

What Is a Double Down in Blackjack Game?

The double down is a betting strategy that a blackjack player agrees to take in the game after receiving their first two cards. Doing this betting move only tells that you have decided to double your original bet. All because you believe that this path can give an increased amount of winnings since you increase your stake. But that is not all, as part of this betting strategy, you will also receive one extra card in the blackjack game. The advantage of getting one extra card is that if it has strong value and can help you beat the dealer’s hand, this double down can play as a solid move to make.

Unfortunately, this betting method appears to have some limitations like any other strategy.  As a result, it is not applicable when you have blackjack, or even when you hit or go with insurance. Still, if you have correctly done this betting strategy, the winnings can be worthwhile. Overall, this is the sum up of the entire definition of doubling down strategy, so we hope you understand it deeply. Let us now move forward and know when the right timing is to execute this blackjack betting strategy.

When in a Blackjack Game Is the Best to Double Down?

In this particular section, we aim to give you some precise circumstances on when to go for double down move in blackjack. In case you are interested in learning more about these situational examples, we ask you to take a read at it right now. The first ideal scenario is when you have a hand total of 10 or 11 with no Ace. Then doubling down might be the best option to take right away. All because you know the dealer’s up card is lower than yours based on your existing hand worth.

The next scenario is when your hand’s total is exactly 9 while the dealer’s hand has a lower card. Then it is the best situation to use the doubling down method because the dealer already has weak hands. With this present situation and getting an additional card, this may be used to strengthen your total hands against the dealer. As a result, this situation is best to double down in blackjack.

Lastly, the final situation we are going to tell you is when there is soft 16 up to 18. A soft hand is when you have an ace and one more card. Having an ace improves your chances of being close to 21. Therefore, you must double down at this situation, but only if the dealer has weak cards on their end. Overall, that sums up the best three examples of when to take doubling down strategy in the game of blackjack.

Is Double Down Worthwhile Strategy to Take?

Many would say that double down is not the ideal move to take in the path of playing blackjack. However, with caution and the right timing of execution, doubling down comes the possibility of getting bigger wins. It may not be the best choice as a blackjack strategy for everyone. Still, if you understand its purpose and functionalities, you will agree that it serves brighter motives for its users. That alone explains that every strategy comes with risks and benefits, and double down serves no difference. It can be not the safest move to execute in the game of blackjack. But once executed perfectly, winning is not far from obtaining and that is the best part of this blackjack strategy.


Blackjack is one of the commonly played games in the platform of casinos. It has the charm that every skilled player would like to experience. This game comes with different betting strategies and double down is one of them. This particular game strategy is not the typical go-to approach for every blackjack player. However, once you completely understand its advantages and the proper technique to use it, this strategy can be your winning partner in facing the game.

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