Best Reasons to Fold Great Hands in Poker Game


Poker is a game of strategizing and coming up with reasonable betting decisions. In fact, one of those well-known betting strategies that you can use in poker is folding. Folding at one point or another can be the best take when playing against strong poker players. Since there are circumstances when you must fold in the face of great odds against you. This is to guarantee that you can have long-term success in playing poker. Since having great hands in poker is not equivalent to having the best hands against your opponents.

But why do we have to fold great hands in the face of uncertainty? That is a perfect question to ask at this given moment as we will tackle that topic in today’s blog post. We know it is not easy to take the folding route in poker if you have great hands, so we will give you the best reasons why do it. Read on if you want to find out the main explanations why good players do the folding.  

Folding Happens When There Is a Strong Player

In the game of poker, strong players can be present at any gameplay. However, at times you face them during the round of playing poker and you know you cannot succeed against them. It is the best decision if you do take the folding strategy even if you have great hands with you. You can expect this strong player to have the best hands with them as they play aggressively over you. A player who has a strong playing performance is equivalent to great results. Do not expect that you can win against those players. Even if it is not a good time to lose your great hands in folding, if the situation calls for it, we must let go of them.

Reading Opponents Reveal Their Chance of Winning

As the game progresses, more cards are shown in the game of poker. At this point, you get an idea based on those revelations of what your next move to be. You understand by now that folding is the best take for your great hands. Given that you already analyzed your opponents’ hands can fully defeat your current hands. In return, folding is the best course of action to take over the game and can save you from losing more. In short, learning the edge of opponents over you is understanding that some time to fold is the best thing to do at that moment.

Improvement In Opponents’ Betting Performances

Another reason folding needs to take is when your opponents have greatly improved in terms of betting. Their betting patterns suddenly display a great amount of success over the course of playing poker. If your rivals are leading to the top, it indicates that they have a great advantage over you. The change in betting amount as they begin to increase bets is one indicator of it. Take time to analyze your opponent’s performance and its sudden improvements when betting. Since it is a signal that you should be folding at the moment, as you understand already the strength of their hands.

Your Good Hands Are Not Strong Enough

There are times when your poker hands are not equivalent to strong hands even if they are good ones. Make sure that you understand the strength of your hands against your rivals in a poker game. This is to fully know that having good hands does not indicate you will be winning all the time. There are occasions when you must fold your good hands against the strong hands of your rivals. We say this because, from the moment you receive your hands, you should be aware of its overall value. Having this information would totally guide you toward the decision if folding were a much-needed action in the given scenario you face.

You Have Weak Hands Over Your Opponents

This is the most common reason you need to fold in a poker game. A weak hand does not have the best value against the strong hands of your opponents. In case you figured out that your hands do not have what it takes to win against your rivals. Then it is best if you do the folding of your poker hands and give up that round. It is not best if you continue to fight your weak hands as it will not improve in the long run. Its value will remain the same and it only means you need to fold in this time of unlikeness.


Folding is a poker move that its player can consider when things are not going according to their plan. As we go into this topic, there are different excellent reasons why we should fold good hands in poker games. However, we realize that the best reasons why folding happens are because of the above explanations. Our top 5 reasons are the things that explain most why folding is a good idea even if your hands are great. Hopefully, you get an idea when the best time is to fold when playing poker.

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