Common Types of Esports Bonuses | What Are They?

Esports Bonuses

In the world of esports betting, there are also promotions that come with it. These are the esports bonuses that can improve your betting experience in esports. No wonder it is offered, and you can claim them anytime at esports bookmakers. However, knowing that there are bonuses, what are the different types that are available to claim? We know that maybe most of you are here to know the list of esports bonuses. Therefore, we will not make this introduction longer as we will share with all of you the list. But first, let us define what is an esports bonus all about. Do not worry, the next section will be the list of bonuses that you can get from the esports bookmakers.

An Introduction to Esports Bonuses

Esports bonuses are a promotion that is offered by esports bookmakers. They exist to help promote the esports betting sites to potential players and urge the current players to bet more on esports competitions. In short, the sole purpose of these bonuses is to keep esports betting more interesting while helping its users to gain profits. This explains why esports betting platforms make sure they have existing types of bonuses for their esports players. This means whether you bet on any esports game, there would be an appropriate bonus for such a title. Therefore, let us now discuss the available types of esports bonuses in the next portion of this post.

Common Types of Esports Bonuses

We know many of you are waiting to know the common types of bonuses in esports betting. If you are interested to know them right away, below is the detailed list for your reading.

No-Deposit Bonus

This bonus is one of the most awaited promotions in esports betting sites and in the world of gambling too. The no-deposit bonus has this appeal that nobody can resist. All because the new players can receive this bonus without requiring them to deposit any amount of money into their esports account. The bonus can be free bets or free credits that are usable whenever you bet on esports competitions. It is not surprising that this bonus is extremely appealing as you do not need to use your own money to place bets. Since you can use the bonus to participate in esports betting. On top of that, you can earn wins even if you do not use your own money to bet. The no-deposit bonus will do the honor of allowing you to place a wager on esports.

Reload Bonus

The reload bonus has the same purpose as a deposit bonus. However, this time you are depositing for the second, third, and furthermore. This bonus is for existing players who have already made other deposits after their first one. In short, esports players who make deposits repeatedly and meet the claim requirements can receive this bonus smoothly. This is one of the esports bonuses that are designed to motivate players to keep betting more in esports. Simply put, the reload bonus rewards current users of esports betting sites for making more deposits.

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is one of the esports bonuses that are claimable mostly by new players. From its title, you can fully understand that you need to deposit to claim this bonus in esports betting platforms. Usually, this kind of bonus will match the amount deposited to your esports account upon claiming this promotion. Moreover, this bonus is usually for first-time depositors on esports platforms. As they have the opportunity to use their first deposit to claim this deposit bonus.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback is one of the most claimed esports bonuses due to its useful purpose. Since it allows its users to claim back a specific percentage of their losses. This is very useful as it offers help to retrieve some of your money from the losses you gained from doing esports betting. In short, it returns some portion of players’ losses out of their total bets. This is in fact the most beneficial and dependable kind of bonus on esports platforms. Since it eases the heaviness of losses that any player can get from betting.

Loyalty Bonus

The loyalty bonus is for the esports players who are loyal, active, and most of all VIPs. Therefore, not everyone can have the opportunity to claim this loyalty bonus when betting on esports. This bonus is only for players who are consistent in betting, playing and most of all devoted to the esports betting platforms. If you have all the said qualifications, you can be eligible for the said loyalty bonus.


The above-mentioned esports bonuses are the ones mostly claimed by different types of esports players. Therefore, we hope that you get some important information about them before you get one. Know that some of the bonuses may seem alike but you must check their main use and claim requirements. This is to make sure you do not get a bonus that you do not desire to have in your esports account. In the end, watch out for great bonuses in esports betting platforms as some of them are great bonuses.

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