Craps Game Explained | Introduction & Short Guide


Craps is one of the casino games that do not always get the limelight. All because many believe that it is very difficult to understand. However, let us crack the assumption about this casino game and unleash the truth. Of course, not all casino games are the same, there are hard games and easy ones. Still, craps is a casino game that like other games needs more understanding to know its value and essence.

Let us all know this specific casino game and find out some explanation about it. If you have spare time to read this blog post, come along with us and tackle this casino game. Therefore, let us now begin to know more about craps in this article and be aware of its value as a dice game in the world of gambling. Below are some detailed explanations about this casino game.

Craps Game Short Definition

Craps is one of the most popular casino games that use dice to play. Therefore, if you would like to play a dice game, craps are most gamblers’ top choice. The craps are playable with two dice, and chips, and the gameplay happens on a set table. Predicting the correct value of the dice that the shooter will roll is the goal of this game. If you guess everything correctly, you obviously will win as this is the objective of every player.

Unfortunately, this casino game does not seem to be easy to win. Since you must fully rely on your guessing abilities to win your bets. Furthermore, the craps have a set of game rounds, and they can entertain up to 20 players. Every player has the chance to be the dice shooter as everyone has their own spot to do so. The difficulty we see here is the different bets that you can make. Therefore, make sure you get the point of every bet in this craps game to fully win in this game.

Craps Basic Playing Rules & Game Scenarios

A craps game will always start with a ‘pass line’ bet as you proceed with playing. As a result, you must bet in two scenarios. It is either to bet if the dice will roll on a 7 or 11 which is known as ‘pass the line’. Or rather bet on 2, 3, or 12 which is known as ‘don’t pass’. If the dice lands on a 7 or 11, it is a sure win for the pass-the-line bettors. Unfortunately for 2, 3, or 12, it is a sure loss for the don’t pass bettors. Apparently, if the dice fall on any other number, the pass or don’t pass bets will go on for the next rolls. In short, the other numbers become the point. This time the other bet types are now open to choose from.

Therefore, if the dice shooter rolls the point number once more or other point numbers that are rolled along. This time you would lose entirely by landing on 7. The shooter will keep rolling the dice and the bettors will continue to bet on until they fall on a 7 or the point. So, if the point is rolled prior to a 7, all pass-line bets will be victory. However, if a 7 is rolled prior to the point, then all the pass-line bets will fail for victory. Therefore, all the don’t pass bets will succeed in the end. That is basically how these dice casino game-playing rules work.

Craps Game Helpful Tips

There are some helpful tips that can improve the playing of craps games. If you are wondering, what would they be? This section of the article will guide you at least to play better in a craps game.

Make Sure You Have a Proper Bankroll

If you are a gambler, you should know that a proper bankroll is important for everyone. Since you get to know how much you are capable of spending on your craps bets. As well you will know how far you can go playing this dice casino game. If you already have a bankroll to follow, make sure you follow it the right way.

Play A Craps Game Variant That Meets Your Requirements

There are different game variants available for craps. These games differ in names but have the same concept. Make certain that you will be playing a game variant that meets your own playing requirements. In particular, the game rules, RTP, and the house edge are the most important. Because not all craps game variants offer the same thing.

Starts With Easy Craps Bets

If you will just be starting to play craps games, it is better to go for simple bets. Do not rush yourself into complicated bet types to win more. Instead, study first the easy ones until you fully understand how the game works in each different bet available in this dice game. Until you get familiarized, you can now place other complex bets.


We know that playing casino games is not easy, especially if you are starting out to play them. Just like a craps game, it is not easy to jump and play it immediately if you do not know the rules. Therefore, we hope that you refer to this blog post and understand everything in case you play the craps in the casinos. Always make sure that you stick to the game rules, objectives, and the right winning tricks to successfully win against the obstacles.

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