Dutch Betting Explained: A Simple Guide on How Does It Work

Dutch Betting

There are numerous betting techniques available in the world of sports betting. One of these is Dutching, also refer as Dutch betting. This betting strategy is not new. However, many people are still unaware of how it works or how to do it when betting on sports. This betting strategy mostly applies in horse racing and football to increase the chances of winning multiple bets of the bettors.

However, to learn more about Dutch betting, we recommend that you continue reading this post. Because we will cover everything you need to know in this brief guide. So, if you are curious about what Dutch betting can offer its users, do not look any further. We will explain it to you in simple terms. Now that we want you to learn it, let us get into what Dutch betting entails.

Get To Know What Dutch Betting Is

Dutch betting is a betting strategy in which you put a bet on multiple outcomes in the same sporting event to profit if one of your selection’s wins. This is to increase the chances of winning by placing multiple bets on a single sporting event. To do it, the bettor’s stake is divided and placed accordingly, resulting in an equal profit regardless of which bet wins. This is to cover different possible outcomes; Dutch betting is a specific strategy for it,

However, to win using this type of sports betting strategy, you must place correct stakes so that your money returns regardless of which bet selections win. So, you can get a profit if one or more of your betting stakes wins. But take note that there is a high risk in doing Dutch betting. Because if you are all your bets lose at the same time, you will also lose all the money you put into it. Given your selections are multiple stakes and even backing favorites could cost a lot of money on your end. This shows how can be risky the Dutch betting if you do it wrong.

How Does Dutch Betting Work as A Betting Strategy?

Dutching has a simple concept. You do Dutch betting by splitting your entire stake corresponding to the odds of multiple betting choices. This is to gain the same profit on any result of a sports event. This means you must adjust the stake on betting choices, by decreasing the stake on higher odds and consistently increasing it on lower odds. In other words, this betting strategy works by dividing your stakes and placing them separately. So, any bet wins will get an equal profit.

By doing this Dutch betting, your goal is to have won from one of your stakes by backing multiple outcomes of the same sports event. For example, you are going to bet on a horse racing competition. If you use Dutch betting, you will bet $20 on horse 1 and £20 on horse 2, with decimal odds of 3.5. This implies if either of the horses wins the horse racing competition, you get a return of $70. You get your profit by multiplying your bets by their odds which is $20 x 3.5. But if you do not want to have an equal profit, you can lower your stakes or increase it either way.

Is Dutch Betting Worthwhile to Use?

Dutch betting can be applicable to use on any sports matches you want to bet on. So, whatever sports you choose to apply this betting strategy comes down to your own decision-making. In fact, this betting strategy is helpful strategy in case you cannot choose which bet to back from multiple betting selections. That is why this Dutch betting can be a helpful hand. Especially in times when you cannot think of what bet to back if there are multiple choices just like in horse racing competitions.  

Keep in mind that Dutch bettings is not a one-stop shop for getting many wins because you have multiple bets. It is not an instant way of getting profits. In this betting strategy, you have to know the right moments in applying this betting strategy to get your goal wins. You must get the correct stakes to make it possible to win your multiple betting selections. That way, you know you can win despite the waiting time you experience.


Dutch betting is a great betting strategy if you cannot decide which bet to go for in multiple betting choices. In here, you can break up your stakes and go for bets you know you can win. This is despite the odds that are against you. However, Dutching should use only if you know how to understand the stake’s odds. Because if you are not familiar with numbers you will have a hard time balancing the stakes to get the same net profit. So, you should know what the exact stake amount to place to become successful in doing this betting strategy.

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