Exposing 5 Poker Myths That Are Not True| A-List to Know

Poker Myths

Poker has evolved over the years as the game continues to be available in casinos. The rise of online casinos makes this game available to the world. Apparently, though the game has existed for a long time now, poker myths are also spreading about this casino game. This is a fact that we cannot deny but we can be aware of the common poker myths. If you are someone who will be playing a poker game, then this list of poker myths is for you to read. In this short guide, we will be discussing and dwelling on certain myths that are not true about poker games. Here are the following misconceptions that you must be aware of. Let us all look at these myths and understand why they should not believe in the first place.

Online Poker Is Manipulated

This is one of the most widespread myths regarding the online version of poker. However, there is no evidence that this myth is true. That simply means that online poker is not fixed in the casino platform that provides this casino game. Even though you lose at playing online poker does not equivalent that the game is manipulated in some way. Since this game uses a Random Number Generator that randomly produces fair results of the game. Therefore, there is no proof that the online poker game result will be influenced at some point or another.  As a result, you can rest assured that poker games, even the online version, have been there to give fair play. Nobody can alter the game results since the gameplay is purely randomized.

Skilled Players Always Win in Poker

This is another false perspective about the skilled players of poker. That is, they will always be winning once they play poker games in the casinos. However, this is one of the poker myths that many people believe since they are unaware that winning this game is challenging. Therefore, this poker myth is absolutely a false one. Even if skilled players can win in the long run, this does not ensure they can completely take over the game. There are times that they lose from playing at a certain round. While others lose due to a lack of the right strategy implementation. So, there are specific reasons why skilled players fall short of playing poker games. Simply put, skilled players may win because they analyze the game. However, there are bad times they would lose despite how good players they are.

To Win Poker You Need to Be a Genius in Math

This is one of the poker myths that convince other players to believe that it is true. However, this myth has no underlying basis at all. In fact, you do not need to be a genius in mathematics to understand how to play poker games. All you need is to understand the basic math of this casino game and you are ready to play this game in the casino. Well, it is true you need knowledge of math in the poker game. However, it does not mean you need to be a mathematician to win this game. Yet, knowing basic math can help you improve your chance of winning this casino game. All you need in poker is to understand how math can be played in this game to increase the winning opportunities.

Reading Your Opponents Is All You Need to Win in Poker

Winning in poker is not entirely dependent on the successful reading of your opponents. It is one of the ways to improve one’s chance of winning the game. However, it is not all about reading your opponent’s to winning entirely the poker game. There are also some winning factors to help you succeed throughout the gameplay. They are the game strategies, basic math, and the right way of betting to improve the chance of winning. Therefore, that is only concluding that this is one of the poker myths that you should not believe in entirely. At one point, you need to read your poker opponents, however, winning is not dependent on this strategy. There are also some successful ways to greatly improve your winning chances.

Poker Game Results Will Rely on The Dealers

This is one of the poker myths that should not be believed no matter how it appears to be true. Even if you are the dealer, you have no right to manipulate the outcomes of poker games. Therefore, even if you play this game on land-based casinos or through live playing in online casinos, expect its game authenticity. Simply put, nobody can truly impact the game’s outcome to favor one party. Only the poker game itself will reveal its true score to the participating players. That only means the poker game will never be unfair to anybody no matter where you play it. Even if there is a dealer to assist you in the said game. Its game results will never rely on the dealer alone.


Poker myths like any other game myths have been existing to give you false assumptions. However, with research and proper handling of information, you can still correct it in your own way. In fact, anyone has the chance to know what truth from fake information about poker games. All you need to do is do your own research and understand how a poker game works in the casinos. That is one of the ways to correct and know the truth about what poker game has to offer. With that, poker myths are all false no matter how it seems to look like truth.

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