High/Low Bet in Roulette Is Explored | How Does It Work?

High/Low Bet

The game of roulette in casinos comes with different bets. In fact, the roulette table has two sections, first, the inside bet, and second, the outside bet. However, for today’s posting, we are going to focus on one of the outside bets in the game of roulette, which is the high/low bet. This bet is one of the available wagers that you can place in this casino game. Apparently, we know most of you are still unaware of the use and how this bet works once placed. Therefore, we have decided to give you a tour of its main functionality and let you know all the important details about this roulette bet. If you are keen to know more about it, we advise you to keep reading this post. Since we will give you more information about this topic. Now let us begin tackling this subject deeply.

What Is a High/Low Bet in a Roulette Game?

A high/low bet is one of the available bets that a casino player can place in a roulette game. This bet actually belongs to the group of bets under outside bet. In fact, it divides the 36 numbers of the roulette table into two sections and that is the low and high bet. The low section will have numbers from 1 to 18. While the high section will have numbers from 19 to 36. From these sections, you will choose a bet between a high bet and a low bet. Your choice of wager will cover a total of 18 numbers. Therefore, you will place your chips on the roulette betting area where you choose to wager. You can choose from the area of (low bet) 1-18 or the area of (high bet) 19-36.

To win your chosen bet, the ball should land in one of the numbers you decided to place a bet. If that happens and matches your bet, you will technically get paid out in even money. However, if the ball falls on the single or double zero, it will definitely make all the place wagers lose.

How High Bet/Low Bet Works?

We already mentioned some of the functionality of high bet or low bet in roulette games. Still, in this section, we are going to dig deeper into this subject even further.  In a roulette game, you can have different betting options. With a high bet or low bet, you would be betting on the higher half or lower half of the roulette wheel. Since a high or low bet has 18 numbers each, the payback win will be even. The good thing, this type of bet has covered a great range of numbers or covers half the huge portion of the roulette wheel. It only means that winning opportunities can be greater in comparison to other available types of roulette bets out there. Since in a bet, you cover a total of 18 numbers already.

On top of that, this bet is one of the safer bets that you can place in a roulette game. If you are exploring and starting out to play roulette, we can truly say that a low/high bet is a great bet since it has fewer risks. In the end, this bet makes the roulette game beginner-friendly for someone who is starting to play it.

Why Place a High/Low Bet?

Since we cited some of the advantages of the high/low bet on a roulette game.  In this section, we will highlight others. We all know that high/low bet belongs to outside bets of roulette games. This implies one thing and that this bet has a lower risk compared to inside bets. All because this roulette bet contains more numbers than inside bets. Therefore, there is a better chance to win this bet. Unfortunately, the outside bet like high/low bet has a lower payout because of this reason. Despite that fact, we cannot erase the good aspect of this roulette bet, and that it already covers half of the roulette wheel. In that case, you have more chances to win your bet. If you are looking for a safe but can provide good wins, a high/low bet can give you that chance.


Outside bets such as high/low bets are perfect for someone who is looking for a safer way of betting in a roulette game. Given this roulette bet does not come with higher risks once placed. Overall, a high/low bet is a beginner-friendly wager for anyone who is just starting to explore the game of roulette. If you are into placing a bet that has high winning chances but low risks, you can opt to place a high/low bet. In the end, we think this roulette bet is fantastic beyond means.

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