Krikya Affiliate – Earn 40% Commission Lifetime

krikya affiliate

Many people use affiliate marketing to earn passive income by promoting a business’s products or services. Krikya affiliate program, you can earn up to 40% commission on referrals’ lifetime purchases. This article will look at the overview of the krikya affiliate program. We’ll also discuss how to sign up and your potential earnings.

What is KRIKYA Affiliate?

KRIKYA Affiliate is a Krikya affiliate program. Where people can make money by referring clients to Krikya. Anyone who wants to promote Krikya can do the promotion.

You will be given a unique affiliate link when you join the Affiliate program. When someone clicks on your link, KRIKYA will add that person as an affiliate customer. You will receive up to 40% of KRIKYA’s net earnings over the customer’s lifetime.

How Do You Begin?

Starting the KRIKYA program is quick and straightforward. The steps to begin your passive earnings are as follows:

Step 1: Register

Click the “Krikya Register Now” button on the Affiliate page to participate in the program. You will be redirected to the registration form, where you can give details.

Step 2: Details

After giving your details, a KRIKYA agent manager will call you to process your data. This step is vital to confirm that the given details are correct and up to date.

Step 3: Account

You will be given an account on KRIKYA’s special agent platform once your information has been approved. This platform will let you keep track of your referrals and revenue.

Step 4: Make an invitation

You can now begin marketing Krikya and welcoming players to the site using your unique affiliate link. The money will increase as you invite more people.

What is your earning potential?

The amount of money you can earn through this Affiliate program is determined by the number of players you invite and their total net loss. KRIKYA has five commission categories based on the number of monthly active players and their total monthly net loss. The commission rates for each tier are as follows:

Krikya pays affiliates based on player activity and net loss.

  • Affiliates with over three-monthly active players and a net loss of up to 1,000,000 BDT receive a 30% commission.
  • Those with over nine monthly active players and a net loss above 1,000,000 BDT get a 32% commission.
  • Affiliates with over 20 monthly active players and net loss above 2,000,000 BDT get a 35% commission.
  • Those with over 30 monthly active players and a net loss above 3,000,000 BDT receive a 38% commission.
  • Affiliates with over 40 monthly active players and a net loss above 5,000,000 BDT get a 40% commission.

As you can see, the commission rate rises to the number of active players and the net loss.

For example, assume you advise three gamers to Krikya; their total net loss is 500,000. As per the commission rates, you would earn a 30% commission. If those players keep playing and their net loss grows to $2,000,000, your commission rate will increase to 32%.

It should be noted that the commission rates are dependent on KRIKYA’s net profit, not the entire amount wagered by the players. It means that if your referrals win more often than they lose, your payment rate may be decreased.

KRIKYA Affiliate Advantages

There are many advantages to becoming an Affiliate at KRIKYA. Marketing a well-known online gaming platform is a great method to earn passive income. The charge rates increase with the number of successful referrals, meaning a good earning possibility.

KRIKYA also gives its affiliates marketing resources like logos and text links to increase the number of guests on the platform. KRIKYA’s agent platform is also clear, making it easy for affiliates to watch their referrals and earnings.


The KRIKYA Affiliate program is a great place to earn passive income by advertising a renowned online gaming platform. The commission rates are high, and the earning potential grows with the number of successful referrals. To become a KRIKYA program, complete the registration form and go to the Affiliate page.