Live Poker and Online Poker Explained: Which Poker Game Version Is Better?

Live Poker

Poker games in casinos have come a long way in terms of providing different ways to play them. In fact, there are two options. It is either live or online. So, if you are wondering which version is superior to the other. Do not worry, because we will go over the main differences between these two poker variations. This is why we recommend that you read the entire post to get a complete understanding of these two poker games. As a result, let us begin discussing this post and go over these two poker game variations in greater detail.

What Is Live Poker Game?

The live poker game setup is found in a public gambling venue. The game is taking place in front of you in a real and physical casino setting. In which, you will be dealing with the game dealer as well as other poker players face-to-face on a poker table. It is no surprise that its name is live poker because everything takes place in a real casino environment. So, the game is dealt in person with other poker players.

In simple words, live poker is a type of social game in the casino. Because it allows you to interact socially with other players in the game of poker as well as the game’s dealer. So, if you want to play in a real casino atmosphere. Then live poker is the best poker game for your playing demands. If not, you have the option of playing online poker instead, which we will discuss in the following section of this article.

What Is Online Poker Game?

On the other hand, online poker is only available and playable on online casino platforms. That merely indicates that this game is virtually playable over the internet. Therefore, to access the casino platform where the online poker game is offered, all you need to do is use a computer or other compatible device to log in. The good news is that you can access the online casino’s website at anytime and anywhere. That simply means, you are able to play online poker whenever you want. Thus, playing poker online is very convenient if you just ponder about it.

In fact, this type of poker game allows its players to join multiple poker tables at once, which is known as multi-tabling. As a result, a poker player has the option of playing as few or as many hands per hour as they want. Once you begin to online poker, you will be conscious that it is more convenient than playing live poker. All because online poker does not require you to travel to a casino establishment or wait on a poker game table waiting list just to play the poker game.

Live Poker or Online Poker: Which is Better?

Both poker game versions have these drawbacks and benefits. As a result, it is up to the casino player to determine which poker version is the best to match their playing needs. If they wanted to have convenience and no travel requirements. Then they can opt for online poker. However, if they want a real poker casino playing set up and socializing with the other poker players on the table. Then the live poker will match their playing demands. Unfortunately, we all know that some poker players think that live poker is the best poker game version. We cannot disagree since satisfaction depends on the experience and gaming perspective of the player itself.

That also means we cannot contradict other players who prefer online poker. Since they see that this kind of poker game version is a lot less hassle to play in the casino platform and as most online poker games have no waiting time. Unlike live poker, you must wait for open seats to play the poker games in the live setup. So, give these two poker versions a try. From there, see to it which poker version is much better than the other. Still, the better poker game will depend on the casino player, and that alone is the best answer. Since we cannot represent everyone in answering which poker game is the better option.


Both live poker and online poker are fantastic games. It follows the same game rules since you were playing the same poker variant. As a result, the only difference between these two poker versions is the playing environment. Because online poker can only be playable through an online casino website via the internet. However, live poker can only be playable at a land-based casino. So, whether you want to play live poker or online poker is entirely up to you as a player.

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