Positive and Negative Progression Betting Systems Explained

Betting Systems

The world of gambling will always work together with different betting systems. Since the betting system has a place in the game of every casino player and that is a fact. If you are wondering why such betting systems have been used up and why it matters, that is because of different reasons. In fact, we are going to explain to you the two of its examples. The famous betting systems that we want you to know about are the negative and positive progressions. These betting methods have been there for many years starting from their introduction and are one of those commonly used by casino players.

In case you are wondering how it functions and what its main purpose is, we are here to guide you about that. In this article, we promise to give you essential information to better understand how a negative and positive progression works. Therefore, let us all start exploring these two betting methods and help you know them on a deeper level.

What Is a Positive Progression Betting System?

A positive progression betting system from its name you can clearly know what it is up to. However, to give full details based on its definition, we are going to elaborate further. This betting system is all about increasing your wager amount at times you get to win a bet. But, in case you lose your bet, you will reduce your wager amount this time around. Overall, the main purpose of this positive progression betting system is to take advantage of the continuous winning opportunities and minimize the losses during the losing scenarios.

That explains why positive progression a less risky betting system is once you opt to use it in your casino games. It is intended to profit from the winning streaks. But in case you start losing, it guides you to lower your wager to minimize the losing streaks you will encounter. That sums up the definition of a positive progression betting system and we hope you understand it.

What is a Negative Progression Betting System?

The negative progression betting system is not a negative betting method in case you think that way. However, the proper term for this betting system is the opposite counterpart of the positive progression betting system. It works the opposite way to give you a clearer understanding. The negative progression betting system is all about increasing your wager amount after losing a bet. But if you win your bet, you will reduce your wager amount this time around. Overall, the main purpose of this betting system is to lower your entire losses at some point. Thus, will increase the chance of getting more profits after using this betting system.

That explains why it can be advantageous to use at the same time not. It is intended to get profit from increasing bets after losing streaks. But when will the losing scenarios come to an end? It may continuously happen, and you may suffer more losses as you increase your bets after every loss. It may not be the best betting system to use in casino games, so make sure you understand its full purpose.

What Is a Better Betting System Between Positive and Negative Progression?

The two have great purpose if you look at their definition and usage. However, of course, they come with pros and cons if you dig deeper in terms of how it works in every casino game. This is why we can safely say that the less risky betting system would always be a positive progression. The other one can have more risks considering that it increases the bet after having a loss of wager. This simply implies that it is not the safest choice to use between the two betting systems. Nevertheless, both come with great advantages if you take the time to analyze their entire functions. The positive progression helps to give you more winnings on every winning streak. In negative progression, you intend to recover the entire loss.

Both have their own great uses and drawbacks, but they are part of every betting system. Therefore, it is up to the user which one to use when playing casino games. This is why we should take time to understand its positive and negative points to get a full idea about these two betting systems. In the end, what matters most is how you use it to your benefit when the situation calls for it.


The positive and negative progression betting systems are all about helping their users with their betting plans. They give directions on when to increase or lower the wager every time there is a win or loss in their bets. Therefore, it is not entirely bad if we use them in times when we have no direction whenever betting on casino games. Since it gives a sense of betting direction and that alone is helpful to reach our main goal which is to win profits. Overall, any betting system is here to help and guide you despite some flaws in them.

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