Progressive Slots Vs. Non-Progressive Slots – A Detailed Comparison


Slots have come a long way from offering different games. Today, there are many choices to choose from that you would lose count of games. However, with all the great choices of slot games, you should be aware of their differences. Know that slot games are categorized into two aspects: progressive slots and non-progressive slots. These two underlying categories of slot games only prove that they have unique differences that should be taken into consideration.

Especially upon choosing a slot game that you would be playing at casinos. It is important as a slot player that you explore what a progressive to non-progressive slot is all about and its differences. If you are curious to know about these two categories of slot games, keep on reading this article!

Progressive Slots

Progressive slot or Jackpot slot is not your ordinary game of slots that you can play in the casinos. All because its jackpot prize does not stay the same. In short, it increases in amount every time a participating slot player places a bet whenever they play a progressive slot game. The jackpot prize of the progressive slot can be enormous enough until it is won by its lucky player. However, when its player wins it, the jackpot prize will go back to its standard amount size. It will only increase in size once there are more players who play the game and make a bet.

Apparently, the progressive slots are not an easy game to win since there is a low chance of winning. Just like other casino games, there is a built-in house edge for it. Do not get dismayed, as the rewards for this slot game keep on building up and once win it can be a life-changing experience. All you need to do is be lucky enough to beat the odds of progressive slots to win a significant amount of jackpot prizes.

Non-Progressive Slots

Non-progressive slots or either known as Fixed or Regular slots are the most common type of slot games that you can play in casinos. From its underlying names, you would have guessed already what this type of slot game is all about. To give you a more in-depth guide about it, the non-progressive slots are slot games that have fixed winning jackpots that do not have a chance to increase in amount. Simply put, the jackpot prize will never change in value no matter how many bets are placed for a non-progressive slot game. Therefore, you will win this slot when you spin its reels and get match-winning symbols on its paylines.

Unlike progressive slot games where it is hard to get the jackpot prize. The non-progressive slots on the other hand can give smaller wins but more on frequent occasions. But remember that this kind of slot game can only offer a fixed payout in terms of winnings. This type of slot game is for those players that do not go for a bigger jackpot prize and only go for regular slot experience. Typically, non-progressive slot games are the ones commonly available at casinos.

Which Slot Type Is the Better Option to Play?

It will be based on what you are aiming for in a slot game. The decision depends on what you are looking for. Therefore, if you want to get a bigger winning prize that increases for a slot game, a progressive slot is what you need. But keep in mind the risk is high for this slot game and winning the jackpot does not come often. Know that non-progressive slots are more affordable to play and have more game choices. On the other hand, if you want less risky slot games and better winning opportunities even if the payout is fixed, non-progressive slot game is the best option. Unfortunately, the progressive slots cost more with a limited range of games to choose from.

Again, you must know your game requirements for a slot game you would be playing. This is to be aware of what is the appropriate slot game to play according to your qualifications. From the comparisons we shared, perhaps you already have a better idea of what type of slot game to play in casinos. We leave it up to you what category of slot game you would be choosing. Since there is no wrong game choice after all.


Slots are always popular in casinos and are one of the timeless games that you can play. It is very simple to play and does not have complicated game rules at all. Despite these great qualifications as a simple casino game, it is still best that you know what category falls your slot game. This is to know what to expect from a slot game that you would be playing at casinos. Therefore, we hope you get a better idea about progressive slots and non-progressive slots in this blog post. By chance you choose a slot game, comparing is already easy for you this time around.

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