Slingo Expound: What Is This Casino Game All About?


Are you one of those people who are fanatics of both slot and bingo? If that is the case, then this short post is ideal for you to read. You would be glad you did because the casino game we will be explaining in today’s article is a Slingo game, a hybrid of slot and bingo. This game is a great add-up to the world of casino games. It is different, and unique and has its own twist on how it works as a casino game. Therefore, if you are wondering how this game will work, its definition, and whether it is worth playing. This post is what you would need to read to understand the Slingo game. Let us now begin exploring this casino game in this short guide.

What Is a Slingo Game?

Slingo is a fusion of slot and bingo games. That is why its name is a combination of both of these two games. As a result, its composition as a casino game incorporates the details of slot and bingo games. No wonder this game consists of a 5×5 grid like a bingo card. While the reels that produce the numbers for you to match up are from the slot game concept. In fact, they are beneath the said grid. The ending is you would see a great resemblance between bingo and slot games to Slingo.

Nevertheless, the idea of the game to cross off numbers in the grid comes from the bingo game. In short, you would match them up to the numbers that show up on the reels of the Slingo game. Therefore, the very goal of this Slingo game is to match up the numbers on the reels with the numbers on the grid. If the goal is met and the match is detected. As a result, you would have a good result because you do win this time around.

How Does Slingo Game Works?

The Slingo game starts once the reels spin. A Slingo win can only be achieved by eliminating 5 numbers in a row that can be vertically, diagonally, or horizontally. It is done once the numbers match on the reels of the game to those in the numbers in the grid. As a result, the matched numbers will be automatically crossed off from the Slingo game itself. Once every Slingo is created, you will then be moving up on the ladder of prizes. So as the game progresses, you can choose to stop spinning or proceed to keep on spinning at a fixed cost in the hopes of winning a larger reward. If you continue, there is a new game with a set number of spins waiting for you.

You can proceed in spinning the reels until you get a match between the numbers on the reels and those in the grid. In this game, you do not need any special skills to be able to win. Your aim is to cross off as many numbers in the hope to succeed in this kind of casino game. Therefore, you can expect how simple and easy this game is when you play it. Since you are not depending on something to increase your winning chances. All you must do is be lucky enough to cross many numbers to beat the odds of this game. Once you are filling up all the spaces on the board grid, you will be awarded the full grand prize.

Tips on Winning a Slingo Game

We all know that Slingo games heavily rely on luck to win and get matching numbers. However, there are also applicable tips that can be useful whenever playing Slingo. The following useful tips are below.

Purchase Extra Spins

If you are about to complete a full board in the said grid of the Slingo game and you need a few numbers to finish a few lines. Then we recommend that you take the risk and go for extra spins in exchange for a bigger prize. However, only do this if you weigh that the reward is fulfilling and if completing the entire 5×5 grid requires only a couple of numbers.

Make Use of Joker Wilds Effectively

In case you can land a joker wild on the reels, you can choose where it should land. However, do not select the position aimlessly in the box. The best place is the center or corners as it can cross off at least three to four winning lines.

Choose a Slingo Game with Special Features

There are some Slingo games that have other special features like bonus rounds. The special features can be rewarding if you are able to use them to win wisely in your game. Therefore, make sure you choose a Slingo game that has it because it is worthwhile to play this kind of Slingo game.


The Slingo game is a great addition to the casino game collection. If you are an avid fan of bingo or slot, then we think you might like it as well. In fact, there are no complicated rules to understand this game. It is very straightforward and what you see is what you get from this casino game. If by chance you come across this game in online casinos, give it a try. You will never be upset because this game is already a hybrid of both worlds of bingo and slot.

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