Terms & Conditions

By registering on our site, each user agrees to comply with all requirements and rules set out in the Terms and Conditions. Also, the requirements for players include additional notices from the company; statements of disclaimer in sole matters; all further rules that may be added or changed in the future (all such rules and requirements are referred to as “terms and conditions”).

Players agree to be bound to all the terms and conditions presented on the website. If you believe you are unable to comply with all the requirements outlined in the Terms, you are advised to leave this website immediately.

To start using our service, players will need to create an account on our site. This feature may require them to provide personal information. Such data can be first and last name, phone number, etc.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Users need to credit cash into a gaming account on the website to begin betting. By replenishing your account, you confirm that all the cash involved in transactions was bought with the aid of you legally and was once now not a end result of illegal activities. Each of your payments on the internet site will be authorized, so we do no longer advise trying to cancel payments or involving third parties in committing illicit activities associated to your funds.


All data gamers furnish – will be stored and processed by us following the Company’s Privacy Policy. The organization may additionally additionally conduct checks related to gamers’ identification identification at any time; and request data from third-party data carriers if players’ identification looks suspicious to us.

Players additionally agree that in case of winning a massive amount or making an uncommon and winning bet, the organization may additionally contact players and notify them that their information will be used in the marketing campaigns of the project. If game enthusiasts agree, the organization may also use their identify or image.


By complying with these rules, players agree that the organization and all of its affiliates undertake to keep data about their identity. Such data consists of name, address, and payment details. On their part, players warranty that they supply solely trustworthy data about themselves.

Dispute Resolution

If a dispute arises between the company and players, every party concurs to comply with the guidelines prescribed in the dispute decision policy.

Terms and conditions

Nothing restricts Krikya from making use of to the courts of any jurisdiction to shield its rights underneath the legal guidelines of the chosen jurisdiction.

Cancellation, Termination, Suspension, and Violation

As a remember of policy, the company does now not have the proper to terminate or cancel players’ debts at any time until there is a legal basis to do so. Another obligatory element in this action is the prior notification of the user. One of the elements when the organisation can also suspend an account, and void all bets placed and unplaced, is actually due to a technological failure of the website. Players can also terminate their accounts on our website online at any time.

Matters past our reasonable control

Being a participant and guarantor of various legal guidelines and rules in the declared jurisdictions, our company does no longer accept any duty for damages and losses that have been triggered by using natural disasters; power outages; inaction, or vice versa movements of any authority; troubles in the operation of telecommunications services; as nicely as associated to any problems triggered with the aid of the work of third parties that are no longer dependent on us. If such a state of affairs occurs, the company may also unilaterally suspend or absolutely end our offerings except any liability.


If players go through losses due to wrong use of the password or any actions associated to their phone quantity – the organization does not bear any responsibility