The Early Payout in Blackjack Explained | A Detailed Guide

Early Payout

Get to know what early payout in blackjack is all about in this post. Explore this game feature that gives a new way of excitement in playing blackjack games. This option for early payout gives the blackjack players the chance to cash out earlier. Thus, that is something new for this kind of casino game. The blackjack game with early payout is indeed another version of how this game is played.

Therefore, if you are somehow looking for something new when it comes to playing a blackjack game. Then this feature might give you another discovery of how this game will be played out. If you are curious to know more about this game version of blackjack that has an early payout, then give this post a read. In this short, let us all discover the world of blackjack games that has early payout feature.

What Does Early Payout Mean in Blackjack?

The blackjack early payout is another edition of blackjack which gives its players the chance to surrender their hand while the game is ongoing. Therefore, if you observe that the blackjack game is not favoring your side, you can choose to quit the game early. Since blackjack early payout can lessen the risk of losing all your money to the game.  If you go for an early payout, you will receive a certain portion of the stake you place at the start of the playing according to game payout odds. Simply put, this early payout is only used if the player believes that the odds of winning are not in his favor.

In exchange for this happening, the players can opt for quitting early depending on their current hand and the dealer’s face-up card strengths. In that case, this feature in the blackjack game will only apply in case the player feels the sense of losing. As a result, they chose to give up playing and get back some money by surrendering the game.

How does Early Payout operate in Blackjack?

A blackjack lets an early payout happen once the player enters the game and places opening bets. Afterward, the dealer will hand out the two face-up cards to the participating players. While the dealer gets two cards such as one face-up and one face-down card. After the first hand has been dealt, the dealer allows the player to do the next move or to choose an early payout. In short, the player will decide if they want to quit early by choosing an early payout feature. Or rather to move forward and continue to keep playing the game.

If the player gives up playing and quits playing blackjack because of uncertainty in winning. The casino will then accept the decision and compute accordingly the value of the payoff based on the player’s card and the dealer’s face-up card. Nevertheless, only do this move if the game is not favorable for you. That is, an early payout option is what you need from that moment. However, you will only be getting paid by the casino for the hands which you have a good chance of winning. But not for the entire amount.

When To Do Early Payout in Blackjack?

This early payout in a blackjack game is advisable if you think you have a poor hand to play. Therefore, we can say that this game feature is a need when it is time to use it. For example, if you notice that the dealer’s hand has a higher advantage over yours. Then, you can choose to lessen your future losses by opting to quit the game in advance. In return, you can play another time and try your luck on the next game you play. In short, only use this game feature to cut your losses before it builds up to an unacceptable amount.

The next example is, if you have a chance to win, however, the returns are not significantly good. Then, going for an early payout can be advantageous in the said scenario because you will not be dealing with low returns. Unlike with early payout though a smaller one it is not comparable to bad returns you will get by the end of the blackjack game. Therefore, for whatever reason you must use this strategy. Make sure you do it for the sake of minimizing losses while opting to get some returns.


Blackjack is a fascinating game that keeps on evolving over the years. One innovation we think has a good purpose is the early payout feature. Of course, before using it in the game of blackjack, the reason must be a valid one. Nevertheless, it must come with the right application to maximize the overall and good usage of the said strategy. Still, blackjack early payouts like any game strategy or feature must be executed the right way. If not, then it could lead to a more undesirable ending to blackjack gameplay.

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