The Major Reasons Why an Online Casino Refuse Your Withdrawal from Them

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There are occasions when we are unable to do withdrawal from an online casino. Even if we are existing members of them. That shows a serious concern, particularly if your wins are what you rely on when you are short on cash. Wherein, as much as you desired to treat yourself with your casino winnings. However, you were unable to do so because the gambling platform was refusing to pay you. The question is, why does it happen to some casino players where they cannot perform a withdrawal of their winning money?

That is exactly what we are going to find out in today’s blog post. We are sharing with you some major reasons why online casinos did not allow your withdrawal to them. So, let us proceed and know them one by one in this article by going over the reasons right now. Here are some of the few reasons of why it happens to our fellow gamblers in online casinos.

Identified as an Underage Gambler

If you lied about your real age and the online casino found out your real identity as a minor upon processing your withdrawal request. Unfortunately, the casino will not allow those practices made by you and will take immediate action. As a result, your account will no longer exist and the funds, including your winnings, will be taken away. Make sure that you comply with the online casino policies. That you are at the right age to participate in online gambling. Because if the gambling platform detects your lies, there is no exception but to be banned from the casino. In the end, you will not receive any winnings even if you play honestly on the casino platform.

Failure To Pass KYC Verification

Online casinos have this policy when creating an account to them that you must pass the KYC process. Failure to provide the required documents results in your casino account confirmation being unsuccessful. One of the major downfalls of failing to complete the KYC for an online casino is that your withdrawal request will not be processed at all. All because you are not a rightful member of the online casino platform where you are gambling. We recommend that you finish your casino account verification to be eligible for a withdrawal. Since this step for every online casino is very important. This is to avoid any suspicious players visiting and playing on their gambling platform. It is one way for them to know who is allowable to gamble and who is not.

The Wager Requirements Is Not Met

Wagering turnover is one of the requirements of online casinos with their bonuses. This is before processing a gambler’s withdrawal. In fact, it is written in every rule of bonuses in online casino promotion. It is important that you know and follows every requirement of the promotion you will be getting in an online casino. This way you will not be surprised at why your withdrawal request will not be processed. Therefore, do not just gamble and never understand the conditions of a casino bonus, especially the wagering requirement. Since if you know of that condition, you will not be reaching a point of questioning. Remember that wagering is important to meet before making any withdrawal from any online casinos.

Detected Using Many Accounts

The online casino has this gambling policy that only one account is allowed for a single person who will gamble to them. Let us say, you have other accounts on one gambling platform. Then, the casino detects your having multiple accounts in them. Therefore, upon withdrawing your winnings you will have a hard time getting them. Because you must prove to the casino that those accounts are not yours at all. If proven not guilty by the casino checking. The online casino may close them all but save your original account. That is the only time a withdrawal can proceed. However, this is one of the cases why a gambling platform does not process the withdrawal of winnings of a gambler who has many accounts. As a result, make sure that you are an honest casino player to avoid this withdrawal process refusal.

Above The Withdrawal Limits

There is a withdrawal limit in terms of how much you can withdraw from an online casino. Casinos have withdrawal limits per day, week, or month. It will depend on the casino platform policies. Then you must know how much allowable money to withdraw from your casino account according to the timeframe. Because if the amount of money you are withdrawing is above the withdrawal limit and beyond the acceptable time. As a result, you would not be able to withdraw any money from an online casino. That is why the results will not be good for you at all. Therefore, you will not be receiving any winnings.


Every online casino has its own take when it comes to withdrawing money from them. As a gambler, you must know the major reasons why online casinos reject your withdrawal request. Therefore, always rely on this blog post to know some of the explanations. Especially, for why gambling platforms do not process any of your withdrawal transactions. However, if you already avoid all these 5 reasons but still reject your withdrawal. You can ask the online casino’s customer service. This is to know the real answer between you and the gambling platform.

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