What Does Folding Mean in a Poker Game?


Poker is not an easy casino game to play in the casinos. It is no surprise that there are different strategies that come out to be used for. One of them is called folding in poker. If you are one of those people who still do not know this poker strategy. Also, thinks that it is unnecessary to use it, this post is for you. Poker is not all about aggressive betting, there are some strategies that are called to use for the specific situation. Even if it means that must be a withdrawal plan.

That is why folding in poker is the topic for today’s blog post. If you are someone who comes across the term ‘fold’ in poker games and wants some information about it. We absolutely think that this brief guide is for you to read. From that objective, let us all dwell on what folding means in the game of poker and explain to you some important details.

What is Folding in Poker Games?

Folding in poker has a straightforward definition but we will explain in simple terms for you to understand. To begin with, it is all about surrendering your cards and abandoning the pot in the poker game. In other words, you totally give up the chance to win the hand and end your participation in it. Once the poker player chooses to fold in the game, no more bets are needed for that player. Since they chose not to continue anymore in the game round. Folding happens when you place your cards face down on the table, indicating your intention to surrender them to the game’s dealer. After that, the cards will be put in the place of folded cards once you opt for the folding strategy.

Furthermore, from the time you surrender your cards in the muck, you immediately do not have the opportunity to win the pot. That is one sad consequence of doing the folding strategy in poker. Especially when the game turns out advantageous to your folded cards. Unfortunately, since you have done the folding strategy, the dealer cannot take back your cards as part of the poker game round. That seems to be disappointing, but that’s how folding cards end up if you apply that poker strategy.

That is basically a short overview of what essentially means of how fold works in poker. We hope you already get an idea from here what folding in poker is all about. In the following section, we will answer some of the intriguing questions about it.

Why Do Poker Players Do the Folding Strategy?

Poker players fold for one major reason: they already believe they cannot win against their opponents’ cards or the cards in the game. As a result, they have come up with a significant decision and do the folding of cards instead. Even if they are uncertain if they really have weak cards in comparison to their opponent’s cards in the poker game they are playing. No wonder folding in poker games is the decision they have made due to that explanation.

Expect that this strategy does not always work in favor of its user. There are occasions when folding is not the best plan for a poker player. Sometimes it benefits the poker player while other times, it does not. Only use the fold strategy if you know that is the best decision to go for. If you have second thoughts, then better use your rational mind to avoid any possible regrets if you choose to fold in a poker game round.

Does The Fold Strategy in Poker Give You Wins?

Apparently, when you fold in poker games, you can no longer win a poker hand. Since you already surrender your cards to the dealer of the game and let go of the pot. In other words, you cannot win any money in that hand. That explanation is the reason the fold strategy does not provide any wins. All because you have decided to give up your cards to the poker game you are playing. Unfortunately, once you have made this poker strategy, there is no second chance to reverse your decision. Understand that you need to properly choose the right decision in your betting strategy to avoid any disappointments afterward. Since folding in poker does not result in any wins.


Poker has different playing strategies to be used in this casino game. Like any other game, poker is a game that needs them. Since poker is a skill-based game in the casino. That said, it is always important to understand very well how folding works in poker games. Especially when to use or not to use this strategy in any given circumstance. To end this, always understand the playing scenario first before you totally choose to fold.

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