What Is a Hot Drop Jackpot? All The Things You Should Know

Hot Drop Jackpot

There is a new breed of slot game that is now playable today. This game has a twist and is unlike an ordinary slot game out there. This is the hot drop jackpot that makes sure winning is achievable as prizes are available within a specific period. There is no need to predict the possible timeframe as you can hit the jackpot prize of a slot game. This slot game has level-up game mechanics that anybody can truly benefit from and enjoy the most.

With the release of this new slot game, we know you certainly want to hear more about it. So, we intend to discuss this particular topic for you to have a better understanding about it. In this guide, let us all know what a hot drop jackpot is and be aware of what it can offer for our fellow slot players. Here is the information that is obviously helpful in case you play this new slot game in the gambling market.

What is a Hot Drop Jackpot?

Hot Drop Jackpot is like a progressive game however it comes with a twist. Unlike progressive slot games where the jackpot is unknown when it happens, this new slot game is different. This time the jackpot is certain to be triggered within a certain period or when the prize pool certainly hits the upper limit. Apparently, like any other slot game where hitting the jackpot is unknown, this new slot version may give you an idea of when the jackpot will occur. However, there is no set date when you can expect it will eventually happen. There is only a specific timeframe that it can possibly happen. In short, it is still unknown if you may hit the jackpot.

Do not worry, this new slot game has timeline jackpots that you may encounter during your play. These are the hourly, daily, weekly, and super drops. All these jackpot timelines ensure that you may initiate the progressive jackpot prize hourly, daily, weekly, or before the jackpot reaches the maximum amount. Overall, the hot drop jackpot increases the winning possibilities as you reach the maximum time and the target progressive prize.

What are the Different Types of Hot Drop Jackpot?

We already cited it in the above section. However, we are going to give full details about them in this portion. If you are keen to know more about these four types of hot drop jackpots, let us get into it.

Hourly Jackpot Type

This is the first jackpot type from where you can win prizes every hour you play the game in online casinos. Winning the jackpot usually happens at the end of the hour of your entire gameplay.

Daily Jackpot Type

This is the second jackpot type from where you can win the prize at any given time of the day. The jackpot here can only be won at one point, out of 24/7 hours of playing time. Nevertheless, once you wait for the jackpot prize for you to win, it can get higher until you hit it.

Weekly Jackpot Type

This is the third jackpot type from where you can win the prize on any day of the entire week. Just like the daily jackpot type, the jackpot here can only be won at one time out of 7 days a week. The good news is the more you wait for the jackpot to trigger, the higher it grows until you win it.

Super Drops Jackpot Type

This is the last jackpot type from where you can win the prize before reaching the jackpot maximum amount figure. This time, there is no timeline specified in this type of hot drop jackpot. Instead, its indicator to hit the jackpot is the overall prize pool amount.

How To Win Hot Drop Jackpot?

Since a hot drop jackpot is a new breed of slot game, it is no different from how this slot game runs. So, we can only say you also need more luck to win against it. Of course, you need to play consistently as the jackpot prizes grow higher until you hit it. The aim is to get three jackpot symbols on the reels, and you would be getting the jackpot prize for sure. Do not worry, winning in this new slot game does not require betting amount requirements. In short, winning the prize pool can be significant at any bet level regardless of whether it is a minimal stake. The jackpot prize does not vary depending on the amount of wagers you place in this new slot game.


The hot drop jackpot is no doubt a game changer on how to win a slot game today. This new slot game truly makes a difference, and you already know by now from this post. Still, this new slot does not change how a slot game performs and only differs in how it will be won. Overall, this game is a great addition to the slot games portfolio. If ever you get a chance to encounter this new slot game in online casinos, give it a try to play and experience its uniqueness.

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