What Is a Straight Up Bet in Roulette: All You Need to Know

Straight Up Bet

The game of roulette comes with different wagers ranging from inside bets to outside bets.  For the most straightforward and basic bet that a roulette player can place, it can be the straight up bet.  In fact, this can be the first bet that any roulette player knows because of its simplicity and uncomplicated use. This is why we have decided to tackle this roulette bet for our readers today. We know some of you still do not know the straight up bet functionality and main usage. If you want to place a bet on a roulette game that does not need too much thought, the straight up bet may be the best for you. Therefore, let us all discover what this roulette bet does in terms of its application and objective. Here are the facts that you must know before you place this bet on roulette games.

Straight Up Bet Introduction

Straight up bet does not have complicated descriptions as this bet functionality is focused on betting a single number. Therefore, the roulette players are given a chance to use this wager by choosing one number as their straight up bet. When it comes to its classification, this bet belongs on the inside bets of a roulette game. Furthermore, this roulette bet will take effect once you place your chip on the corresponding choice of number.

In this roulette bet, you can only win if the ball falls on your chosen single number, which is the straight up bet. As this bet focuses on one number, some roulette players choose a number that think is lucky or has deeper value in their lives.

Since this roulette bet happens to choose one number. This could be one of the wagers that potentially have greater risks. Apparently, this bet has been noted as one of the unlikely wagers or simply has the worst odds once placed in a roulette game. This simply means that this bet seems undesirable to place. Nevertheless, if you win this bet, there is better payout. The straight up bet has a return which is 35:1. And, therefore, it has better winnings once you stick to this roulette bet.

How To Place a Straight Up Bet in a Roulette Game?

To make a straight up bet in a roulette game, all you need to do is think of one number that you will be betting for. If you have already decided, then it is time to place your chips on the box where your number is positioned. Just make sure you place your chips in the right spot. It should not contact any lines in the box of the number you chose to bet as straight up bet.

Once you have positioned your chips and formally become your roulette bet, the game will start to unfold. The dealer will spin the wheel of the roulette together along with the ball of the game. Therefore, if the wheel has stopped from spinning and the ball lands on your corresponding number box in the inside area, which is your straight up bet. Then definitely, the number that you choose to bet in your roulette playing is winning.

That is basically how will you make a win in a roulette game once you choose to place a straight up bet on your game. It is very simple and does not ask for deeper understanding or too much analysis. In case the ball lands on your chosen number, then you will win straight. In the end, you just make sure you are betting on the most fortunate number that will make you win.

Things to Remember When Placing Straight Up Bets

When you are placing your chips on your desired number for betting a straight up bet, make its place in the center of the numbered box. This way, the dealer will automatically understand what you are betting on. It will not be mistaken for other types of bets in a roulette game. From the start you already made it clear what roulette bet you are wagering for. In terms of how many straight up bets you can place, it is allowable to place more than one single number. This only means you have more opportunities to possibly win your straight up bets on a roulette game. Since you do not stick to only one straight up bet and place more than one.


The straight up bet must be one of the simplest types of wager in a roulette game. From our description, you are already aware of how easy it is to place this bet when playing roulette. Given that it does not ask its users for any heavy analysis before positioning this bet. You simply need to know which number can potentially give you a win. Then wait for the ball to land on your bet. If you can win, then good, if not, then try another number that can have a better chance to win.

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