What Is AutoPlay in an Online Slot Game and Why It is Useful?


Online slot games now come with an autoplay feature that makes playing sessions easier than ever. This slot feature has improved the way slot games are played nowadays. For some, it makes their playing sessions effortless and instant. However, not all slot players appreciated the autoplay feature. But what exactly does this feature mean and its purpose for online slot games?

These are some of the few matters we are going to elaborate on in today’s blog post. We will answer them and explain to you how to make use of it. So, let us now begin discussing this topic and enlighten you with some explanations right away.

What Is Autoplay in Slot Games?

Autoplay in slots is one of the features available in this game. From its name, you probably guess what it means, but we will elaborate more in this guide. It is one of the game’s features that makes playing more convenient and easier at the same time. Thu, it means that you no longer need to continuously click the spin button for each spin. Therefore, it is truly a time saver for the slot player since you do not need to keep on hitting the spin icon every time you play.

As a result, it gives you the ability to set a certain number of spins for the slot game you are playing. Allowing you to play the game without having to manually press the spin button after every finished game round. In our opinion, autoplay features make slot games simpler to play and suitable for any beginner casino player.

How Does AutoPlay Feature Work in Slot Games?  

In this part of the article, we are highlighting some ways on how the autoplay feature performs in a slot game. Basically, the autoplay feature is determined ahead of time before the slot game begins to play. Take note, however, that the autoplay function has its own icon. You must find it and click on it to proceed to the next step, which is setting it up. To start off with setting the autoplay, requires the slot player to set an automated number of spins to activate it. At the same setting the bet size for every spinning round. Once everything is already finished with the setting. The slot player can now proceed to press the Play button.

This will activate the automated feature of the slot game and will proceed with spinning the reels. During the autoplay session, the remaining number of spins will be displayed on the slot game accordingly including the winnings. Once all the automated spins are finished, the reels will stop spinning. The player now has a choice to play once more, but again will decide if the playing will be manually or automated like the recent play. That is ultimately how the autoplay feature will unfold once you do this feature on every slot game you play that has this function.

Why Does AutoPlay Feature in Slot Games?

In fact, there are many good reasons for choosing and doing the autoplay feature in slot games. Firstly, it saves time whenever you are playing a slot game. You do not need to press the spin button all the time to move forward in spinning. That alone evades the repetitive scenario that can be a negative experience for any player of casinos who plays slot games.

Second, you control your bet size mindfully. That means when you are setting your bet, you have the full attention to decide before you start playing the slot game. Unlike when you manually click on the slot game reels to spin them continuously. You do not truly give yourself enough time to think fully about the size of your bet.

Third, you have self-control over the number of spins you would like to pursue in the autoplay feature of the slot game. After each completed spin, you have the choice of continuing the spins based on the game results. You would not keep on clicking the spin button to keep up with the game. Because this time around, you are aware of how things went every time you activate an autoplay feature in the game of slots.


Autoplay in online slot games is a great additional feature of the said game. In fact, the autoplay delivers the same game results in the slot. There is no difference even if you spin the reels manually. It is because the slot game is run by RNG (Random Number Generator). The RNG produces the random results of the slot games. Therefore, whatever way you spin the reels will not influence the game results. To end this, we can say that autoplay is truly one of the great features you can ask for in a slot game in today’s technological age.

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