What Is Field Bet in Craps? All The Things You Should Know

Field Bet

In craps games, there are different bets that you can place for. As a newbie craps player, it is important that you explore the available bets for you. We know it can be overwhelming to understand all the craps bets out there. However, if you plan to play crap, it is best interest to discover each one of them. Just like any other casino game, we would tackle one of the most common bets in the game of craps, which is the field bet.

This bet is not your typical bet because it is truly popular among craps players. It is important if we understand better how this bet works once put in the game as a wager. The best part is we will be going to dive into this craps bet and let you know all essentials before choosing it to bet. If you are wondering whether to pursue field bet on your craps journey, take a read of this post for more information. We will be going to enlighten some of your concerns before you dwell in the craps field bet.

What Is Craps Field Bet and How to Win?

Field bet is considered one of the interesting bets in the game of craps. Any craps player will be enticed to place this bet because of its interesting attributes. Since this kind of bet is already betting on different numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Therefore, having to place a bet on multiple numbers at one bet allows craps players to have more chances to win. All because when the shooter rolls the dice and it falls on any of the field bet numbers, you will positively win. Apparently, if the dice land on numbers 5, 6, 7, and 8, you technically lose your bet against the craps game. Still, the field bet possesses better play for those who place this bet. One main reason is that this craps bet covers different numbers at single betting.

It gives a fair good chance of winning as their great range of numbers consists in this craps bet. Apparently, there are numbers that do not belong in this craps bet and that means there is still a chance you may lose. Nevertheless, if the roll of dice lands on 3, 4, 9, 10, and 11, you will be getting a payout of 1:1. If 2 and 12, you will be getting a payout of 2:1. Overall, this craps bet is truly fascinating and that any craps player will no doubt choose to place it in the game.

How Does Field Bet Work?

The field bet is a crap wager that any player can pursue to always place. This bet takes effect once the craps player decides to put their chips on the field betting place. After all the bets are settled among players, which is the time the dice will roll. Once the dice have stopped rolling and landed on specific numbers, you will know whether you win. In case you lose the field bet, your chips will be out of the table. However, if you do win this time, you have the choice to take out or stay put the chips for another roll of playing.

That is basically how this crap bet works once you place it on the playing table. It does not have complicated rules as you can truly observe how simple it is to put this bet on craps. In the end, it is important to place this wager in the correct spot on the table and you are good.

Is the field bet a good bet?

The field bet is a fair and reasonable bet that any craps player can pursue to place. Apparently, if you want a less risky type of craps bet, we cannot suggest this bet. This is because the house edge for this craps bet does not have it at the lowest, unlike other bets. The house edge can be overwhelming depending on the craps’ take on its odds. In fact, it can be as high as 5.56% and it gets low as 2.78% depending on the craps game. From this information, you can now assume that it is not the ideal house edge from a craps bet. Still, there are seven numbers in this craps bet and that alone can be an advantage to win.


Field Bet is one interesting kind of craps bet that casino players can place. We think it has a great advantage in terms of covering seven numbers to help you win. Unfortunately, it does not have the lowest house edge among craps bets that are available out there. Still, we believe this craps bet can offer something greater once it wins. Overall, this craps bet will not be popular among players if it does not provide winning chances. Make certain that you try this bet once you play craps in the casinos.

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