What Is the Use of a Wild Symbol in Online Slot Games?

Wild Symbol

A wild symbol is not so ordinary symbol that you can see in online slot games. Like any other symbols in online slots, it has use, objective, and above all, advantage. If you are wondering, what would it be like to have it in a game of online slot? That is what we are going to tackle in this particular blog post. The wild symbol is our main topic for today and will be discussed here.

So, if you are curious to know how wild symbols work in an online slot game. Then this kind of article is the best to read now. Hence, let us now begin discovering what a wild symbol is all about for a slot game.

What Is a Wild Symbol in An Online Slot?

From its name, you would probably have an idea what would be a wild symbol in online slots is for. But to elaborate more, since it is wild, this symbol can be in different forms matching the theme of a slot game. But the main highlight of this symbol is to replace any other symbols on the reels to form a winning combination. Therefore, wild symbols among other symbols are the most awaited icon to appear in a slot game. It is because they can activate a winning combination including the bonus features of the online slot game that you are playing.

Therefore, it provides more wins for the player who plays a slot game in online casinos. In fact, there are different kinds of wild symbols that come with their own prize. However, take note that a scatter symbol in an online slot game cannot be replaced by a wild symbol. But in the wild symbols if they appear it can be in combination with other symbols to form a winning pattern.

How Does a Wild Symbol Works?

In a slot game, the wild symbol is a symbol that replaces all other icons not including the scatter symbol. Wild symbols are used to create one winning pay line or a combination of winning paylines to form a larger win. Once you form a winning combination, it triggers the payout and provides the slot player with a bigger payout. For instance, you are playing a 3-reel slot game in a casino. To win you must have identical symbols in a row on all the 3 reels.

But let us say you get a star symbol both on reels 1 and 2 but except the 3. That means you cannot get a win from the result of your slot game. However, if reel 3 gets a wild symbol, then it can replace the symbol on the said reel. In the end, you get identical symbols on all 3 reels since the wild symbol replaces the symbol that does not match the 1 and 2 reels in the online slot game.

In this simple example, we hope you already get the idea of how the wild symbol works for a slot game in online casinos. However, take note that wild symbols can be more complicated when there are more reels and different paying lines involved. As a result, you should not forget to look at the pay tables that are solely for wild symbols before you play a slot game. This is to avoid future confusion on how you will win by getting the wild symbols.

Some Common Types of Wild Symbols

As you will notice, there are different types of wild symbols. However, in this post, we will just elaborate on some of the common types of it excluding some of them in this list.

Multiplier Wilds

This type of wild symbol has its own unique use in a slot game. But why did we say so? It is because of the multiplier that comes with this wild symbol type. It only means that any wins are multiplied by the amount associated with this wild symbol. In that scenario, you would notice that your winnings can be multiplied by two or higher amounts. So, expect a larger payout opportunity from this wild symbol type.

Sticky Wilds

The name for this wild symbol type already speaks for itself. When you get a sticky wild on the slot reels, expect that it will stay around on the next few spins. However, that only means you can get possible wins on these rounds as this symbol sticks around. Therefore, it gives many chances to win the slot game once the sticky wilds appear.  

Moving Wilds

The moving wilds are the wild symbols that move on the reels. It can change position in a different direction with every spin of the slot game. Therefore, do not expect that you will see this wild type in the same position. But remember that it does not immediately vanish in the game of slots when you encounter this type of wild symbol.


A wild symbol has great usage and purpose once you encounter them in slot games either offline or online. It is no surprise that many wish to get this slot symbol in their game. So, before we end this article, we wish you good luck and a lot of patience upon waiting for the wild symbols to appear in your slot game. Remember to start your game with confidence and let your aspirations help you win any slot game you play in the casinos.

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