Why Card Counting Is Not Applicable To Live Dealer Blackjack?

Card Counting

Card counting has been serving skilled players of casinos very well. Its purpose and advantages keep it a relevant strategy for those players who use tactics to win against casinos. In all the good sides of this gambling strategy, technology seems to be making a way to defy its effectiveness. Today, counting cards is seen as impossible to transcend in live gambling at online casinos. There have been different reasons, but that truth has been proven true with most casinos that use technology to operate.

In this period, card counting could not complement online gameplay, and that reason proves to us that not always our only effective strategy will work well in all areas. One best example of a live dealer game that is not fit for card counting is a live blackjack. This game is one of the most played dealer games in online casinos, but counting cards as one great strategy under it is impossible to apply.

To know the top reasons why we said it so, let the below information tell you the complete explanations.

Shuffle Card Machines Is Present

With live gambling, there are online gaming platforms that use shuffling machines to mix up the cards for their blackjack games. Other casinos demand their human dealers to shuffle the cards incessantly within the game period. Still, regardless of the methods used, online casinos tend to prevent card counting in all aspects. One evident explanation is using a shuffle machine to make card counting useless or ineffective in every way. In each round of live blackjack, the live dealer will use all methods for the counting card strategy to be impossible to implement effectively.

Using Eight Decks of Cards 

Aside from utilizing a shuffling card device, the online casino also uses this alternative. They use eight decks of 52 cards to prevent dealers from slowing the game by shuffling cards with every game round. Thus, preventing every possible chance for card counters to unleash the counting strategy. There are now prepared decks of cards that are ready during every gameplay. For this method, the counting card strategy is impossible to execute very well, as the eight decks of cards have already been prepared before the game begins to unfold.

There is Tracking Software

Since technology paves the way to live gambling in online casinos, it is only feasible that this advancement can be used too in monitoring any betting patterns. It proves that nowadays and onwards, tracking software is now used to prevent any counting card strategies from emerging. Thus, card counting seems impossible to implement as your betting arrangements can be highly seen and easily detected with tracking software. Through this, card counters can be caught easily by online casinos as your betting has been matching using a card counting tactic in every round. It proves that today, the counting card strategy is no longer a challenge to detect. One best example is the tracking software that online casinos are using.

Deck Penetration at a Higher Point

Deck penetration is the timeline where the cards will be replaced in dealer games like blackjack. It is used and part of successful execution of the card counting strategy. Online casinos do recognize that deck penetration can be a help for card counting implementation, and that tool must be prevented from being used. Today, online casinos do not waste any opportunity to change the old decks and shuffle the cards accordingly. Doing this method will not give a chance for card counters to use deck penetration as their tool. Application of deck penetration at a high point will not be an open chance to utilize card counting strategy at any given period.

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Those above reasons are the typical advantages the online casinos implement for their live dealer games like blackjack. It is used to prevent cheating or any strategy that will put online casinos at a disadvantage. We all know that card counting is one effective strategy to overcome the challenges in a blackjack game. It has been discovered and is often used by skilled players who know how to execute such tactics. Even though not illegal in any form, card counting is never welcome on any gambling platform. Each time it is implemented, casinos will detect such execution.

Our advice is to prevent yourself from engaging in such a strategy if you know you can be caught. It is best if we keep ourselves a low-key profile in casinos; and remind ourselves that inoffensive playing can lead to a peaceful gambling quest. All that matters is we never commit a nasty move that makes our gambling experience in trial and turbulence. Play and compete in a remarkable performance even if counting cards is not implemented. Therefore, let the results surpass the great odds.

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