Why Card Counting Strategy Is Not Ideal to Use in Casinos?

Card Counting

There are different strategies that are available in the world of gambling and one of them is card counting. The counting of cards is useful to overcome the house edge of some casino games including blackjack. However, this kind of strategy is strongly opposed by casino operators as it may lower their edge over their games. In that aspect, counting cards may seem not the ideal strategy to execute at a major point. Is this, however, the only reason it should not be used? There are different explanations why card counting is not the best move to take.

In this short guide, we aim to educate you on some major reasons why this gambling strategy should be avoided. If you are into learning the justifications why you should think twice about using a card counting technique, this post is must-read. Let us all now discover the different reasons why counting cards can be a critical strategy to apply to your gameplay.

Casinos Strictly Prohibited Card Counting

Ever since card counting was introduced to the gambling community, this strategy has never been welcomed by any casino operators. It has been blacklisted from the list of approved gambling strategies. All because of its effectiveness once applied to skill-based games like blackjack. Even though the use of this strategy is not illegal at all. The counting of cards is entirely not promoted for use at casino establishments. This is because of one major reason and that is the advantage of this strategy once implemented during playing. With this explanation, casino players do not aim to use this strategy. Since they may encounter a backlash during their stay at casinos. Nonetheless, counting cards have an upper use. So, it is understandable why casinos do not entertain the idea of welcoming this strategy on their game premises.

Not Easy to Be an Expert at Card Counting

There are drawbacks when implementing card counting in your game and one of those is the challenge to master it. Though it may appear advantageous to use it, there are still ambiguities in this strategy. Learning the counting of cards has never been basic and mastering it may take a while to do so. If you want to apply this method, you must first understand its complexity before attempting to use it in your games. Remember that its application is not easy to execute. So proper training and practice are needed to surpass its difficulties to help you succeed. This is why it is never ideal for beginner players to use this strategy. Since it takes a while to become an expert at it.

Mistakes Can Happen When Counting Cards

This is the next drawback in case you fail to master the card counting technique in casinos. Failure to execute this strategy properly can only lead to more serious mistakes. Thus, it is not even acceptable when the results are all significant losses. Careful execution is highly crucial when counting cards and many mistakes are not tolerable. It is a requirement to avoid making consecutive errors because having them will not bring you success in this strategy. If mistakes are coming repeatedly, it is better not to implement card counting at all in your game.

Counting Cards Do Not Imply High Advantage

It is a fact that counting cards can give you an upper advantage in your game like blackjack. However, there are instances where this truth is not the full reality. There can be benefits from using the card counting technique but not all of them are highly significant. Though this technique may lower the entire house edge, this is still not equivalent to great rewards. Nonetheless, it is better to have a gain using this strategy. Even though this edge may not be as highly advantageous. In that case, you must be decisive if using this strategy is worthy of mastery and application in your gambling journey.

Counting Cards May Banned You in Casinos

We previously mentioned that casinos do not like the notion of card counting on their premises. Even if you are a loyal player, if you implement this approach, the casinos may ban you from entering the casino and thus from gambling. Since counting cards is a serious matter for casino operators. They do not want this technique to persist in their games. Therefore, if you aim to use this technique, you need to think many times. Since there are greater risks in this strategy.


Card counting may appear a strong technique in gambling for most of us. However, this may seem not the entire picture of all things. This gambling strategy needs proper execution if you aim for better success in its application. However, you need to understand that using this strategy does not always provide significant gains. There are occasions when you receive less than you expected from it. Despite that, it has been giving a better edge on your playing at times when you face a card game in casinos. But do not have higher expectations because this strategy is not as perfect as you can imagine, especially on its returns.

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